Donor Stories

Justin Haugen

When I was a student in Forest City, I didn’t realize how fortunate I was. I graduated 20 years ago and am so thankful for the excellent education and community support that I received. As students, we had amazing support from teachers, coaches, parents, friends, alumni, Waldorf College (now University) and the Forest City Education Foundation. Today, students receive the same great education, guidance and support that prepares them for success in college, their careers, and most importantly, in life.

My wife and I support the Forest City Education Foundation for three reasons:
1) It is a chance to give back to the school and community that has provided me with so many opportunities.
2) We value education and believe that it sets the foundation for success in life.
3) It feels good to support a cause that benefits others, especially students.

We donate to the general fund because it supports important programs such as the Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Conference, On To College Test Prep with John Baylor, the academic banquet, as well as the General Scholarship fund. These programs can potentially help students get additional scholarships beyond what is provided by the Forest City Education Foundation. I recognize the impact that the Forest City schools and community had on me and I feel fortunate to consider Forest City home.

The Jordals

Kate Lewellen Jordal(2001) and Michael Jordal (2000) were Forest City High School sweethearts. After attending different colleges, they were married in 2005. Pursuing careers, Michael as a graphic artist, and Kate, as a Special Education teacher, they decided to start a family. Their lives were shattered when their first child, Kimberley Hope, was born 20 weeks into the pregnancy. She only lived for a few minutes.

The Jordals were determined that their baby would be remembered. Both Kate and Michael had received money from the Forest City Education Foundation to help with their educations. In Kate’s case, one had been a memorial scholarship. The Jordals agreed that giving a scholarship in memory of their baby Kimberly Hope would be an excellent way to create something positive out of their tragedy.

With the help of their families and friends Kate and Michael established the Kimberly Hope Jordal scholarship to be given to a student who plans a career in the medical field. Kimberly was named after a special nurse who helped them during the birth and the days following and they wished to honor all the doctors and nurses whose expertise they relied on to help them through this troubled time. The middle name Hope was their wish for future healthy babies.

The scholarship began at the $500 level and is growing every two years, now valued at $700. Even though the Jordals are still paying their own student loans, they have unselfishly found a way to create a positive memorial to their daughter and help new Forest City graduates.

In 2013, they became parents to a healthy boy, Griffin Michael, who loves helping his parents present the scholarship at Senior Awards night.

FCHS Marketing Class

Janelle Koch’s Marketing Class has had a sales project for nearly 20 years. Over the years they have donated thousands of dollars to different charities. A few years ago Janelle decided they had enough profits that they could use those to fund a scholarship for students who take business classes at FCHS. It seemed like the perfect way to use funds generated in a learning situation to benefit the students. “I know how much every dollar helps families to defray college expenses and this seemed like a great way to help. Last year the marketing project was able to award two 750 dollar scholarships. My goal is to generate enough to be able to award multiple scholarships of $1000.00 each year. Every purchase of our marketing class items helps to reach that goal.

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